Doodad.dev — Tools for making the websites fast, accessible, expressive, and green.

These tools are mostly for helping web developers build small websites (sites that use fewer bytes) without sacrificing expression.

Of course, you can use the tools for non-internet things too.

Why build small sites?

There's plenty of benefits of building a light-weight website.

Small sites…

  • Load faster
  • Use less CPU and Battery
  • Are more accessible to people with slow internet, low-powered devices, or expensive data plans.
  • Emit less CO2
  • are more reliable

The average webpage today weighs in at around ~2MB. That is very big.

So, visiting that average webpage on the cheapest mobile data plan in Canada would cost you $0.25, and in Madagascar it would cost 1.12% of your daily income.

Note: I'm very tired now, so I think I'm going to finish writing this tomorrow.